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The Interactive Investor presents research describing "How the U.S. Stock Market Works.”

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“The Nature of Stock Market Equilibrium" (rev.)

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Finance is ultimately about investments, that ought to turn out well.


The Federalist papers assumed that reasoned debate among diverse coalitions would bring the country together to pursue the common interest. [additional discussion]


Book Reviews:

"Regional Advantage, Culture and Competition in Silicon Valley and Route 128"; AnnaLee Saxenian; 1994; Harvard University Press.

An economist recently noted that no one knows the secret of raising productivity growth...Neoclassical market economics has no answer to this because it only describes the economics of transactions....But economics is a social science. This means that people organize themselves into social systems, enabling them to cooperate and compete to get work done. A detailed study of social organization is therefore necessary when discussing economic growth....




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These discussions focus upon three major investment issues: valuation, that is the profit potential of the stock market, company selection, and the macro environment. By considering valuation, investors will be able to determine whether the stock market has a sufficient profit potential to warrant the purchase of additional stocks. By considering company selection, investors will be able to identify companies that are likely to grow. These discussions also emphasize the importance of the institutional environment, the context that enables business planning for the future.

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