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“The Nature of Stock Market Equilibrium" (rev.)

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Increasing middle class incomes and climate change are the major challenges facing the U.S. The Republican party of "No" has run a negative campaign that demonizes both political opponents and immigrants. The party proposes no real solutions. The Democratic party proposes realistic solutions. Hillary noted that to make these really happen, you start with the belief that you can find common ground from which to expand areas of agreement. You don't call other people names. This is the nature of politics as an alternative to force.

The Federalist papers assumed that reasoned debate among diverse coalitions would bring the country together to pursue the common interest. [additional discussion]


Book Reviews:

In Dealing with Darwin (2005), Geoffrey Moore describes how businesses produce innovative products and services. The reader may think of new products and new markets. The fact is that companies must innovate in all markets: new, growing, or developed, to fend off increasing commoditization and therefore decreased profitability. During an era of globalization, a continuing cycle of innovation and deployment is necessary for the U.S. economy.


This book is particularly relevant to value investors, as it also investigates the process of innovation at companies operating in more developed markets. The author makes a crucial distinction between companies whose core expertise is designing complex systems, such as Nucor, and those whose expertise is efficiency in volume operations, such as American Express. The key to innovation in complex systems enterprises (or investing as a matter of fact) is insight. Since each customer’s situation is unique and evolving, implementation requires alignment around essential principles rather than rules. For volume operations, on the other hand, implementation requires alignment around exact rules.                                                   


Although it contains some confusing tables, this book covers a lot of ground. Companies grow their sales for reasons; this book discusses these reasons in very useful detail.





The United States, Thomas Friedman and Michael Mandelbaum write, secured the future of the country by adopting, "...a set of practices for prosperity that began with our founding and has been upated and applied again and again."


That Used to Be Us (2011) recounts, with the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the U.S. was about to make, "...the most dangerous mistake a country can make: We were about to misread the environment." The U.S. was thus unprepared for globalization and technological change, in a world of its own making...




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These discussions focus upon three major investment issues: valuation, that is the profit potential of the stock market, company selection, and the macro environment. By considering valuation, investors will be able to determine whether the stock market has a sufficient profit potential to warrant the purchase of additional stocks. By considering company selection, investors will be able to identify companies that are likely to grow. These discussions also emphasize the importance of the institutional environment, the context that enables business planning for the future.

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