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This website discusses the financial market system, built upon a series of

modernizations beginning with the Renaissance and then proceeding on to

Democratic Capitalism and Nationalism.


Even AI now recognizes American complexity. Due to advances in computer

science that take into account both accuracy and context, our initial impression of AI

is that it is capable of great subtlety. The world isn’t at all simple; and algorithms, like

y=2x; x=2 therefore y must equal 4, are often ineffective in the short-term.

The difference goes back to Plato and Locke.



1. Manias in Markets


2.  Value Investing and AI


3. The Democratization of AI  (+ Research1  Research2  Research3)


4. America in Transition


5. Average Earth Temperatures


6. Principles and Meaning


7. What Is The Future?  This file in .pdf form because of hackers; third icon for text.

    Footnotes   This file in .htm form.


8.  The Facets of Nationalism


9. Democracy or Autocracy   


10. The Renaissance and the Modern World  

11. The Nature of Stock Market Equilibrium

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